Crane factory VERTA, incorporated into Group of Companies URALKRAN, is a new advanced enterprise for the production of single beam bridge and hammer head cranes, crane sets and rope tackle blocks for various industries: metallurgy, machine building, power industry, chemical industry, mining, timber industry, as well as for using at warehouses and logistic terminals.

Cranes of Group of Companies URALKRAN are used at the biggest and most significant production areas of the country.  The successful completion of the construction of theVERTA industrial complex has opened new horizons for the Group of Companies development. Before making a decision whether to start the construction, it is necessary to consider the following key parameters:

  • solid background in the production of lifting equipment;
  • well-defined view of future dynamics of market requirements alterations in the branch of industry, as based on the analytical results of many years' market monitoring.
  • commitment to non-stop development and achievement of new production levels.

Presently there are no crane building enterprises similar to VERTA factory in the country. It was founded in the image and likeness of best western producers and possesses state-of-the-art technology facilities.

Our site demonstrates its products – new design cranes, maximally optimized with regard to specific quantity of metal, with modern day engineering and design, as well as new types of electric hoists second to none in Russia.


All the products are manufactured as soon as practicable and have reasonable prices.

Today Group of Companies URALKRAN, established in 2005, incorporates:

  • Sukholozhskiy Kranovy Zavod - a factory with years long history producing crane facilities of lifting capacity up to 500 t;
  • crane factory VERTA – a modern enterprise set in operation in 2013;
  • a crane factory under construction in the city of Lukhovitsi, Moscow Region;
  • trading house URALKRAN - sales and market promotion of finished products;
  • URALKRAN-Snab - supplys for the Group of Companies enterprises;
  • engineering and technical center Podderzhka plus - development of engineering and design documentation, lead production process expertise appraisal at the Group of Companies factories;
  • URALKRAN-Service - services for the complex assembly of bridge cranes, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of lifting facilities of both own production and those of outsiders;
  • Managing company URALKRAN - consulting services in the field of economics and finance, legal advice of all the Group of Companies enterprises incorporated, strategic management of the Group of Companies;
  • PK SKZ - “assets treasurer”.