FSCC 360

Full-swing cantilever crane

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Model features

  • Габаритный чертёж на полноповоротный консольный кран с ручным управлением и электрической талью
  • Unrestricted turning angle
  • Cantilever swing minimum effort
  • Use of crane at maximum cantilever span
  • Lighter design

Full-swing cantilever crane  FSCC 360 with manual control and electric tackle block is designed for implementing hoisting operations with mass elements up to 1 000 kg and is a right hand for transfer or replacement of assemblies and aggregates at a radial distance from 2 to 7 m from a column.

Technical Specifications



Lifting capacity, tons

0.03 – 1

Cantilever span, m

2 - 7

Hoisting height, m

6 – 48

Swing angle, degrees