Cantilever-design hoisting-transfer crane

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Model features

  • Lighter design
  • Hinged cantilever

For prompt transfer of blanks, tools or small parts cantilever-design hoisting-transfer crane CDHTC-250 is required; it allows to substantially rationalize a load transfer process. There is an electric tackle block as a hoisting device for operation. The cantilever has an additional hinge so as to easily and accurately achieve any point in the work zone — the crane is capable to transfer load behind the corner!

All CDHTC-250cranes are complete with a hand rotating resistance regulator as standard equipment. Pneumatic parking brakes fixing the cantilever in a selected position are also supplied at request.

Technical Specifications



Lifting capacity, tons

.0.063 – 0.25

Cantilever span, m

2 - 4

Crane turning angle, degrees


Cantilever swing angle, degrees